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Saturday, February 26, 2011

World Magic Seminar 2011

In a few hours I will be Las Vegas attending my third World Magic Seminar.
I am now a "seasoned" veteran of these things and am hoping to be able to relax and mingle and learn, and not get caught up in the buying frenzy of new magical products. It is like a Tupperware event at times. They have a "dealers" room and it is hard to not open your wallet.
Some of the "salesmen" are quite amazing magicians in their own right and they come up with the darnedest things. They make it all look so easy to perform and men Like Mark Mason can sell ice cubes to an Eskimo in sub zero weather!
I am excited to see Juan Tamariz. He will be lecturing during this weekend.


The love of reading is an amazing thing, and the consequences are always good.
I fell in love with reading at an early age. I wonder if maybe it has something to do with our mothers or fathers reading to us a bed time story? Nah... I fell in love with reading because my older brother John would come home late at night and turn on the lamp he had clamped above his bed, turn on his stereo (Too loud) and read science fiction books.
I hated that at the time. I learned to keep my mouth shut and sleep with a pillow over my head to keep out the sound and the light.Whatcha going to do? It was better than getting my ass kicked.
A few years of this and I finally read one of his sci fi books. I don't recall which one it was, (Elric of Melnibone comes to mind)but it started a love affair with first, science fiction novels, and then reading in general. It dawned on me that all knowledge is contained in books.
Today with video so prevalent, I find it interesting that my family, everyone of them is a reader. I was worried about Eric for awhile because he just did not like school much, but he is a very bright and intelligent person. I was very happy to find out that he loves to read. He really enjoys body building books at present. But I know that the joy of reading will ebb and flow and always be available.
As I delve deeper into the art of magic, I am beginning to read more. Reading magic books is difficult. Especially if they are teaching a sleight or a trick. Often pictures are drawn or shown and you have to turn the book upside down to get the proper view of the picture... now you cannot read the text that accompanies and explains the photo.
Some magical friends have told me that a nice way to combat this challenge is to read the text into a recording device and then listen to the words as you work the handlings drawn in the photo's.
Anyway, I am blessed to live in a country where reading is taught and available to everyone.

Monday, February 14, 2011

The Stirrings of Life

Yesterday I went on a walk about the neighborhood with my wife.
It was a nice calm day. No rain and no wind, just about 50 degrees...
As we walked I noticed several children, a group of about eight playing kick ball up one street. It was a joy to watch them run and laugh and be competitive. Further up the road I noticed two boys sitting on a porch enjoying being outside, playing some made up game or other...
As we walked I spied a house that we had made an offer on almost 19 years ago, (we didn't get that house and it was a blessing as we were unknowingly pregnant at the time with Katie) In the big picture window were two young children playing in the living room. A moment later their father came in and began to play with them. Reminded me of a time long past with our boys, before Katie came along.
It was a good memory! :)
Seems Spring is almost upon us, here in our neck of the woods the Winter has been mild so far.
Noticed some buds forming on some trees too.
Looking forward to Spring and Summer.

Monday, February 07, 2011

Martin Lewis Lecture

I debated for a couple weeks if I would attend the Martin Lewis lecture Saturday, what swayed me to go was an email from my friend Mark Jensen.
I am not sure how much I got from the lecture. Martin Lewis is a wonderful magician and a good teacher of magic.
I really like his presence magically.
He went thru most of the things he has invented or is presently selling.
I purchased his Lecture notes c.d. and his Business Cardiographic dvd. It is a nice way to hand out your business card to someone, very magical, a miniature Cardiograph.
I am looking forward to a couple of things from the lecture notes c.d.
particularly his torn & restored cigarette paper and the Crystal Gazing routine he does.
After the lecture Mark Jensen and I went and enjoyed dinner at Sean O'Donnell's.
The real meat of the evening came when Mark and I were alone, outside, standing by our cars talking magic and life. I think we must have chatted for an hour.
I had a good day!

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Cruise ship sinking.